Alan Allman Associates Legal Experts are here to advise an support the ecosystem’s companies on regulatory and legal fields such as:

  • Regulations applicable to them and issues relating to the law of obligations (contract law or special contract law and contractual or delictual liability),
  • Different stages (conclusion, execution and termination) of the contractual relationship between the companies and their partners or customers, for the realization of the simplest to the most complex operations,
  • Disputes that companies may face in the frame of their activities,
  • The process of acquiring or disposing of a business and the operations that precede or follow it,
  • Social regulations applicable to employers and employees,
  • Implementation of banking and financial regulations.

“The ecosystem is a network of real gems led by talented and dynamic entrepreneurs.
The Legal Department is at their side daily to support them, advise them and help them build sustainable business in in the frame of a constantly changing legislation.
Beyond this operational support role, our duty is also to protect these Managers in the daily management of their company.

For us, it is truly an exciting challenge to enable them to realize their projects while preserving their interests.”

Audrey LESAIN, Legal Department