With more than 20 years of experience and know-how, the Growth department supports ecosystem companies on a daily basis. 

All companies in the ecosystem, mainly from the IT sectors, meet quarterly in the frame of the Growth department to share their strategic thoughts, share their feedback, discuss growth inflection points and enrich their action plans. 

The goal: To increase market share, enhance competitiveness and improve profitability by capitalizing on all the levers of growth generated with the growth cluster. 

« Agility, reactivity, flexibility sought by our teams allow us to stay in touch with the current economy trends and entrepreneurial realities. The goal being to provide realistic and concrete answers for a quick return on investment. »

Jean-Marie THUAL, C.E.O.

Its activities are focused on two guidelines: 

  • Operational strategic consulting with entrepreneurs
  • Consulting on “off-balance sheet” transactions 

These areas of expertise are a tool that tackle strategies implemented within the ecosystem and must allow new-comer nuggets integrating the ecosystem to cross key growth thresholds.