Our job: to support ecosystem companies in the implementation and financial control of their projects.

Developing a business line, creating a new offer, entering a new market, evaluating the financial situation and strategy of a supplier or the health of a company to acquire … it all requires control tools and a complete and financial analysis. 

The Corporate Finance team designs and offers management tools, dashboards and internal control procedures and, alongside the companies, implements the recommendations validated by the executive committees of the companies.

«The Alan Allman Associates Finance Department aims to be a true “Business Partner” for companies that we integrate within the ecosystem. 

Therefore do we provide them financial tools and processes, the performance of those used by international groups. We also help them on a daily basis make operational and strategic decisions and offer them our expertise on financial, tax and social issues. 

Our support, based on proximity and exchange, offers them the opportunity to grow serenely in an increasingly complex and regulated environment. »

Karine ARNOLD, C.F.O.