Our values

Integrity, ethics, social responsibility, fairness, respect for people, transparency, anti-corruption and anti-competition are fundamental values in the conduct of business.

The principles set forth in this Charter encourage Alan Allman Associates to conduct business and perform work in a manner that maintains and enhances the trust of clients and stakeholders. Each Associate, regardless of his or her level of responsibility, is expected to apply, within the scope of his or her duties and responsibilities, the following rules for the fair and good faith performance of his or her employment contract or corporate mandate and to ensure that they are also applied within his or her team or by those under his or her responsibility.

A CSR policy based on the principles of the Global Compact

Alan Allman Associates is a member of the Global Compact, an international initiative for voluntary commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

It offers participants a broad spectrum of management tools and resources designed to advance the collaborative implementation of sustainable business models. By signing the Global Compact, companies commit to integrating the 10 principles into their strategies and operations, to making annual progress on these principles, and to communicating their good practices annually by publishing a document on the Global Compact website.

Alan Allman Associates has signed the Responsible Digital Principles

INR’s proposed Digital Responsibility Charter is a summary of Alan Allman Associates’ digital commitments.

The Digital Responsibility Charter pushes us to evaluate ourselves and to try to improve continuously. Discover below our commitments to a sustainable digital world, more respectful of the environment and more ethical towards society.

A committed and rewarded ecosystem

For the seventh time, the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem has been
labelled HappyIndex®AtWork 2023 of companies “where people are happy to work”
in France, Belgium and Canada.

Alan Allman Associates is awarded Silver Ecovadis 2021.  This reflects the quality of our CSR management system and allows us to reaffirm our role as a committed and responsible company.