About the ecosystem

Located in France,Canada, Belgium and Luxembourg, the companies in the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem are each focused on a business sector and / or cutting-edge expertise.  

Our model is built on synergies between independent expert companies on strategic topics such as: Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Risk Management, Business Intelligence, Market Finance, Process Management, Change Management and Organizations, Architecture and IT Infrastructure Management, Supply Chain, Purchasing, HRIS, Marketing and Communication and many more! 



“Alan Allman Associates ,from my perspective, brings to Comitem two major elements. The first one is a striking force. Allan Allman brings a certain number of expertise that we bring together as one in order to answer our clients’ needs. The second element is a standard of quality and of common processes allowing us to emphasize value on our clients.“
Guilhem, Comitem, Operational Director
“Alan Allman Associates supported me, on principal functions such as treating me as If I was manager of an enterprise without it’s down sides of going on the look for marketing or certified public accountant, etc.… Moreover, I had the chance to meet incredible people, I got to meet new managers and consultants allowing me to grow and take a step back on the managerial aspect of my office.”
Mathilde, CEO, Inovans
“By joining Alan Allman Associates I received a double opportunity where on one side, looking at the business aspect, it offered an overall bigger striking force, credibility at the level of major donors, and more tenders were gained in cohesion with other members of this ecosystem. On another side, it brought a perspective, a projection for candidates and/or future consultants wanting to join us with similar career plan.“
Elisabeth, CEO, GB Ouest
“Being part of the Alan Allman Associates’ ecosystem is before all an extraordinary human experience. The ecosystem allowed us to develop broader offers with data specialized offices such as Comitem related to cyber security, inherence on the data visualization part or MWA on the financial market side. “
Bernard, CEO, Accele Blockchain Advisors

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